Snow Plow Headlight Options Allow for Flexibility as You Grow

Created January 7, 2022

Choosing the right snowplow for your vehicle is a big decision. Moving the snow quickly and efficiently with a clean scrape is important – but you can’t do any of that if you can’t clearly see the surface in front of you. This is why the plow headlight system performance is a big factor in a snowplow decision.

Fisher Engineering realizes this and offers snow professionals a choice between halogen and industry-leading LED headlight systems.

INTENSIFIRE™ Dual-Halogen Headlights

The dual-halogen system provides great performance for those looking to maximize their budget. The FISHER® dual-halogen design provides brighter performance and greater reach than traditional halogen headlights, lasting an average of 1,500 hours before needing new bulbs. Low and high beam performance allows the operator to put light where it’s needed. The low-beam pattern puts light immediately in front of the plow, while the high-beam pattern throws light down the road to see road hazards.


For those operators who demand more visibility when working in the dark, the LED system provides unprecedented performance with premium features. The LED bulbs (diodes) provide up to two times the light output of a halogen bulb. By utilizing solid optics, light is placed exactly where it’s needed rather than relying on reflectors to aim the light. The patented EdgeView™ Technology found on the INTENSIFIRE LED system provides 180 degrees of light visibility, illuminating the plow from edge to edge. The forward-sloped lens is specially designed without a bezel to ensure it remains clean and free from ice buildup. This eliminates the need to leave to the truck cab to clear the headlights.

While it is required to make a decision on a lighting system when you purchase your plow, operator and fleet choice is important to Fisher Engineering. We understand that business needs can change as you grow and your account make-ups change. This is why it was important to ensure halogen equipped plows can be upgraded to the INTENSIFIRE LED System. There are two ways to accomplish an upgrade from the INTENSIFIRE Halogen System to the INTENSIFIRE LED System. Let’s go through how that works.

#1 Wire the Truck for the LED Lighting System

If you’re completing a new plow installation with the LED lighting system, you will need to purchase the following components:

  • INTENSIFIRE LED Lighting System
  • Headlamp conditioning module
  • Y-Wire Harness
  • Electrical appliances (as needed)

This will allow you to plug into any FISHER LED-enabled plow in your fleet with the Fleet Flex electrical system.

#2 Update a Truck (2008 or newer) for Compatibility With LED Lighting System

If you’re looking to upgrade a vehicle that’s previously been wired to work with a FISHER plow outfitted with the INTENSIFIRE Halogen Lighting System, you will need to purchase the following components:

  • Headlamp conditioning module
  • Y-Wire Harness

This allows you to convert a truck already wired to work with the halogen system to pull into an LED outfitted plow. The INTENSIFIRE LED system will work with model year 2008 trucks and newer. This method allows your trucks to work with any FISHER plow, LED or halogen, that has the Fleet Flex electrical system.


  • The Headlamp Conditioning Module is essential. It modulates the signal coming from the truck and delivers a consistent message to the LED headlight system. This allows the LED headlights to function as intended.
  • If you have both LED and halogen lighting systems in your fleet, you have more efficiency if you dual wire your trucks. That will allow your truck fleet to work with any of your plows. This provide more flexibility with your truck fleet and gives you more options in case of disabled equipment.
  • When you purchase a new plow, you have to buy a lighting system. If you think you might want LEDs at some point in the future, it might be worth it to spend more up front. Otherwise you will buy the halogen system, and then later have to invest in the LED system and conversion kit. In essence, purchasing two separate lighting systems.
  • The INTENSIFIRE LED bulbs (diodes) are estimated to run for 50,000 hours – greatly reducing the need for headlight checks and eliminating the need for replacement bulbs.