XtremeV V-PLOW

  • Blade Width: 8'6" & 9'6"
  • Fits: Truck Class 2-3 & Tractors
  • Moldboard: Stainless or Powder-Coated Steel


With the ability to position the plow in V, straight or scoop mode, plowing snow with the XtremeV™ v-plow takes you to the next level. Whether busting through a long driveway or clearing a parking lot full of cars, the XtremeV v-plow makes quick work of brutal winter conditions.

Product Specifications

Models8' 6" PC or SS9' 6" PC or SS
Blade Width8' 6"9' 6"
Blade Width2.59 m2.90 m
Blade Height29" at Center
31" at End
31" at Center
33" at End
Blade Height73.66 cm at Center
78.74 cm at End
78.74 cm at Center
83.82 cm at End
Blade Gauge1414
Blade Gauge2.66 mm2.66 mm
Trip Springs46
Trip Springs46
Lift Cylinder1 ½" x 10"1 ½" x 10"
Lift Cylinder3.81 cm x 25.40 cm3.81 cm x 25.40 cm
Angling Rams1 ¾" x 11"1 ¾" x 11"
Angling Rams4.45 cm x 27.94 cm4.45 cm x 27.94 cm
Plowing Width7' 5" Full Angle
7' 1" Scoop
7' 7" Full V
8' 3" Full Angle
7' 11" Scoop
8' 7" Full V
Plowing Width2.26 m Full Angle
2.16 m Scoop
2.31 m Full V
2.51 m Full Angle
2.41 m Scoop
2.62 m Full V
Approx. Weight*899 lb1,013 lb
Approx. Weight*407 kg459 kg
Cutting Edge⅜" x 6"
½" x 6"**
½" x 6"
Cutting Edge0.95 cm x 15.24 cm
1.27 cm x 15.24 cm**
1.27 cm x 15.24 cm
Mount TypeMinute Mount® 2Minute Mount® 2
Mount TypeMinute Mount® 2Minute Mount® 2
PC = Powder Coated Steel
SS = Stainless Steel
*Does not include vehicle mount. Please refer to the eMatch program for specific vehicle applications.
**Optional accessory


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