Maintenance Videos

These maintenance videos were developed to help our loyal FISHER® customers increase the longevity of their snow plows and spreaders through proper maintenance procedures, preseason care and basic troubleshooting techniques.


Spreader Installation & Replacements

This video will guide you on how to setup the FISHER® TRAILCOMMANDER™ 250 & 600 stainless steel drop spreaders. Learn how to use the flap agitator and set the baffles appropriately.

Equipment Identification

  1. Headlamp Identification
    Vehicle Headlamp Identification

Snowplow Installation & Replacements

  1. gland nut replacement
    Snowplow Gland Nut Replacement
  2. Pump Shaft Seal Replacement (Tool Kit 28856)

Snowplow Maintenance

  1. Preseason SnowPlow Maintenance
  2. Annual Snowplow Fluid Change
  3. Adjusting Your Snowplow Headlights

Snowplow Owner’s Guide

  1. Attach & Detach Your Chain Lift Snowplow
  2. Attach & Detach Your HS Snowplow
  3. Attach & Detach Your HT Series™ Snowplow
  4. FISHER Snowplow Transfer Guide

Snowplow Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting a Slow Flashing Light on Your Snow Plow Control
  2. Diagnosticando la luz Roja de su Control
  3. Snowplow Lift Chain & Spring Adjustment
  4. Pairing the QUICK-CASTER™ 300W Wireless Key Fob
  5. Snow Plow Drop Speed Adjustment Procedure

Spreader Installation & Replacements

  1. Drop Spreader Setup
    TRAILCOMMANDER™ 250 & 600 Spreader Setup
  2. STEEL-CASTER™ & POLY-CASTER™ Initial Setup Procedure

Spreader Maintenance

  1. Preseason POLY-CASTER™ Spreader Maintenance & Readiness

Spreader Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting Error Codes for Electric Hoppers (FLEET FLEX)