• Capacity: 0.35 cu yd
  • Material: Salt & Sand
  • Spread Pattern: Broadcast


There’s no better way to apply the finishing touch to sidewalks, paths and small driveways than with the new FISHER® STEEL-CASTER stainless steel hopper spreader. With a 0.35 cu yd capacity, it’s designed to be the right size for UTVs and compact trucks while retaining many of the same features of larger STEEL-CASTER hopper spreaders.

Product Specifications

Model0.35 cu yd
Body Side Length30"
Body Side Length0.76 m
Capacity0.35 cu yd
Capacity0.27 cu m
Hopper Construction16 ga SS
Hopper Construction1.5 mm SS
Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH)30" x 38" x 26"
Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH)76.20 cm x 96.52 cm x 66.04 cm
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)57" x 38" x 46"
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)144.78 cm x 96.52 cm x 116.84 cm
Min. Bed Length Required30"
Min. Bed Length Required76.20 cm
Approx. Weight (Empty)
Dual 12V DC Sealed Motors
235 lb
Approx. Weight (Empty)
Dual 12V DC Sealed Motors
106.59 kg
Conveyor Width11 ½"
Conveyor Width29.21 cm
Spinner Size12"
Spinner Size30.48 cm
Spreading WidthUp to 30 ft
Spreading WidthUp to 9.14 m
MaterialSalt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix
MaterialSalt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix
Vehicle ApplicationUTVs & Compact Trucks
Vehicle ApplicationUTVs & Compact Trucks

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