Bringing Predictability to the Unpredictable Business of Snow & Ice Control

Created October 17, 2017

Plowing Business Predictability

Plow contractors need more than just reliable operators. They need the right mix of clients to help minimize the uncertainty of seasonal snowfall. So when drawing up your contracts, consider this well-diversified mix to ensure long-term success:

Seasonal Contracts

Just like it sounds, this contract is priced by the season. While it might be a hard sell initially, many long-term customers come to realize the convenience of a fixed contract because it allows them to more accurately organize their annual budget.

If you do go this route, start by targeting a minimum of three years to bring seasonal snowfall variables into perspective. Some additional things to include:

  • Capping contract snowfall to a certain amount, then charging every additional inch by the hour.
  • Salting/Sanding: If included in the contract, what are the details of your service?
  • Stacking/Removal: How will this be handled?

Per Event Pricing Contracts

This contract prices by the number of inches of snowfall in a single storm. Once a predetermined level of snowfall is reached, service persists until weather conditions subside and the property is clear. The longer it snows, the more trips you’ll make.

Per Hour Contracts

While this avenue is a nice way to diversify your portfolio, your relationship with the customer will be key. Trust is essential—and it goes both ways.

Per Push Contracts

A popular option for customers with less than 50,000 square feet, “per push” usually takes less than an hour and is invoiced every time you clear their lot. Similar to “per event” pricing, the pros and cons are based on the amount of snowfall. The more events, the more payments/income you earn.

While these common pricing models are a great way to minimize risk, there are other ways to secure your bottom line. Companies like Chicago Weather Brokerage ( can help take weather out of the equation by offering custom-tailored, comprehensive risk management solutions.

Whatever your strategy, diversification is always the way to go for both your business and your customers. It’ll help you weather the storm—and your future.

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