FLEET FLEX Electrical System

Universal Control

Fisher Engineering dedicates countless hours researching and developing direct-fit electrical systems to ensure your vehicle and plow are safe, reliable, and easy to operate. The FLEET FLEX Electrical System has been created to minimize the intrusion to your vehicle during installation and also provide simple, reliable connections between your vehicle and plow.

The additional benefit to the FLEET FLEX system is that it is completely universal to all current FISHER snowplows. This means that plow fleets are able to optimize their operations and use any plow on any vehicle for true fleet interchangeability.

The FLEET FLEX system lets you operate the following FISHER Minute Mount® 2 plows on any truck at any time with the same Fish-Stik® hand-held or joystick control. The FLEET FLEX system provides easy operation, increased reliability, simple wiring and easy installation. Additional features include programmable “soft-stop,” “one-touch” float, and built-in SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System.