March 15, 2017

Fisher Engineering Unveils New TRAILBLAZER UTV Straight Blade Plow

Key Highlights

The commercial-quality FISHER® TRAILBLAZER™ straight blade plow fits a wider variety of UTVs.

FISHER now features an even more robust offering of snow and ice removal equipment for UTVs.

Its high-strength low-weight alloy steel blade can handle tough plowing conditions.

Joins the existing TRAILBLAZER V-plow to offer more snow removal options to UTV market

ROCKLAND, Maine (March 15, 2017) – Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow removal and ice control equipment, introduces its newest UTV plow, the TRAILBLAZER UTV straight blade plow. It is the third commercial-quality product FISHER has designed specifically for UTVs. In 2016, FISHER released the TRAILBLAZER UTV v-plow and the POLY-CASTER™ UTV hopper spreader, an 11 cu ft dual-electric spreader.

The professional-grade TRAILBLAZER UTV straight blade plow is built to stand up to commercial use, just like its v-plow companion. Because the straight plow blade is lighter, it fits a wider variety of UTV models. Both plows offer easy-on/easy-off attachment and removable receiver brackets, allowing for greater ground clearance when the plow is removed. They also offer Scrape Lock, enhancing scraping and back dragging.

Other features on the straight blade plow include:

  • 6′ powder coated, high-strength, low-weight alloy steel blade
  • Four vertical ribs to give the plow added strength
  • Standard high-carbon steel cutting edge
  • Full-trip blade protection to protect the plow and UTV from impact and stress

“In the last year, we’ve helped our customers add UTVs to their plow fleets, and we’re continuing to give them options,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Fisher Engineering. “This straight blade UTV plow is lighter and more compatible, and has the strength worthy of the proud FISHER name.”

Information on the FISHER TRAILBLAZER UTV straight blade plow will be available on the FISHER website in May 2017.