March 5, 2015

Fisher Engineering launches STEEL-CASTER Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader

steel-caster new addition to fisher product line
Key Highlights

Available in six sizes from 7′ 1.5 cu. yd. to 10′ 6 cu. yd.

Designed to reduce material waste and maximize material control.

Powered by dual instant-start, 12-volt electric motors.

ROCKLAND, Maine (March 5, 2015) – At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow removal and ice control equipment, introduced its all-new FISHER STEEL-CASTER stainless steel hopper spreader.

The STEEL-CASTER hopper spreader is offered in six sizes: 7′ 1.5 cu. yd., 8′ 2 cu. yd., 9′ 3 cu. yd., 9′ 4.5 cu. yd., 10′ 4.5 cu. yd., and 10′ 6 cu. yd. models. Each spreader is built with low-maintenance, rust-resistant stainless steel for long-life protection against rust and is reinforced with wrap-around welded joints for durability.

Engineers designed the STEEL-CASTER spreader to reduce material waste and maximize material control. An innovative chute design delivers material to the precise points on the spinner that cast it out and away from the truck, and an easy-to-adjust shutter deflector allows one-side spreading operation, preventing materials from being spread to unintended areas.

Two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors provide quiet and reliable control over the 16 ½” conveyor and spinner mechanisms. The spinner motor is sealed inside a weather-resistant housing that protects it from corrosion. Gas and hydraulic options are also available.

Electric models feature an enhanced, dual variable-speed control that allows operators to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. The control features four standard accessory buttons, a dedicated blast button and digital self-diagnostics to alert the operator when the hopper is empty or when adjustments are needed.