July 26, 2016

FISHER Employee Retires After More Than 47 Years with Company

Key Highlights

FISHER employee Horace Grover retired this month after working for more than 47 years in Rockland, Maine area.

Worked in hydraulics, parts fulfillment and blade welding on factory floor.

Earned accounting degree in 1980 before moving into purchasing department.

ROCKLAND, Maine (July 26, 2016) – Fisher Engineering, a leading manufacturer of snow and ice control equipment, said goodbye to its longest-tenured employee this month, as Horace Grover retired after more than 47 years with the company.

Grover finished his career in the purchasing department at the company’s Rockland, Maine facility, but it all began back in December of 1968, when he joined FISHER after serving in the US Army. His first role with the company was packing hydraulic kits in the hydraulic department. He then transitioned into a welding job where he welded the hydraulic components of the snowplow, which are produced right at the manufacturing facility in Rockland.

In addition to his welding responsibilities, he worked overtime in the parts department, fulfilling replacement part orders. He later brought his welding experience to the factory floor, this time working on the plow blades themselves.

Over the course of more than 4 years in the late 1970s, Horace took classes on the weekends at a local college and earned his accounting degree. In 1987, he moved up within the organization into a purchasing position, where he helped procure the materials needed to produce high-quality snow and ice equipment. He remained in a purchasing role until this month, when he retired at age 71.

“It’s amazing to look back and see all the advancements that have come over the years,” Grover recalls. “We’ve improved our efficiency, safety and quality, so we can stay competitive and innovative in this industry.”

“We talk about ‘legacy’ a lot at FISHER, and there’s no better example of that than what Horace has accomplished,” said John Murphy, vice president of sales at Douglas Dynamics, parent company of Fisher Engineering. “We thank him so much for all he’s done for this company, and wish him all the best in his retirement.”

The staff at the Rockland facility recently threw Horace a retirement party, and his official last day in the office was July 11th.

Grover doesn’t have any specific plans during his retirement, other than to spend time with his wife, children, brother and friends. When asked to sum up his experience with FISHER, he said, “It isn’t just you. It takes teamwork to succeed. If you’re all on the same page and work hard, it’ll all work out.”