At the touch of a button, the XLS expandable snow plow expands from a retracted blade to an expanded blade, to a scoop plow, to an ultra-efficient windrow machine. The versatility of the XLS expandable length snow plow helps you get jobs done up to 30% faster.

The retracted straight position is perfect for transport and for narrow-access areas, such as drive-through lanes or tight windowing areas.
The expanded straight position gives you 25% more blade surface to take wider passes in larger, wide-open spaces.
8-inch angle
For unmatched windrowing productivity, angle the leading wing forward with the trailing wing extended, and you can use the full blade with minimal spill-off and reduced cleanup time.
8-10 scoop
For the ultimate in snow-carrying capacity, angle both wings forward to configure the plow into scoop mode. The XLS plows can fully angle in the scoop position to effectively carry snow around corners with minimal spill-off, something v-plows cannot do.