The “Before You Plow” Checklist

Created October 17, 2017

Before the first flakes fall, a preseason equipment inspection is standard practice. But did you know there are a few basic things to check during the season, too?

Avoid Simple Mistakes With Our “Before You Plow” Checklist:

  • Ensure a functional truck battery
  • Run through the plow’s functions
  • Inspect all fasteners for proper torque
  • Check hydraulic fluid levels
  • Visually inspect plugs, shoes, hydraulic hoses, cutting edge, and wiring
  • Test headlamps and adjust for proper alignment
  • Make sure electrical plugs have dielectric grease
  • Run through emergency supplies, including:
    • Shovel
    • Emergency Parts Kit: hydraulic fluid, motor relay, extra hose, coil, fittings
    • Basic Tool Kit
    • Flashlight

Checklists like these will prepare you for whatever the season throws at you. But while they’ll help keep you on the job, there’s no substitute for proper maintenance. Remember: if you’ve incurred any damages following an event, be sure to get those issues fixed before the next storm. It’ll save time, money, and a whole lot of headache when you’re out there in the middle of the night.

If you’d prefer to have a professional inspect your plow before the season starts, you can ask your local FISHER® dealer. To find out if one near you performs pre-season inspections, visit the Dealer Locator.

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