3 Aspects to Consider When Comparing the FISHER® SnoFoil® to Snowplow Deflectors

Created June 21, 2021

fisher rubber deflector

Accessories can make a great impact on plowing performance and efficiency, but how do you choose the right one for your snowplow setup? In order to make the best buying decision in regard to SnoFoils and deflectors, FISHER is laying out everything you need to know.

#1: Defining the Similarities & Differences

All SnoFoils and deflectors divert snow, throwing it to the side rather than blowing onto the vehicle’s windshield. This improves snow rolling performance, enhances visibility, and leaves a cleaner path. They are both extensions of a snowplow blade, but there are key differences in how they are designed.

  • A SnoFoil attaches to the ribs on the back of the blade and follows the same curve, curling over the edge for better rolling performance. They come in genuine steel for rigid, sturdy applications and in poly for weight and cost savings.
  • Steel deflectors increase the height of the blade and follow the blade curve but instead of curling over, they face straight out. Rubber deflectors usually hang over the plow blade as a flap since they are more flexible.

snofoil and deflector options

#2: SnoFoil & Deflector Compatibility

SnoFoils are designed for windrowing with a straight blade plow. Due to the construction and inability to flex in the middle or at the wings, SnoFoils aren’t intended for winged or  v-plow use, which is where rubber deflectors really shine. They are extremely compatible with a variety of plow types and can flex.

There are four SnoFoil or deflector options that you can find among our FISHER® plows—after compatibility, the decision usually falls into price point and performance expectations.

  • Rubber Deflector
    The 10″ rubber deflector is the industry standard because it’s affordable and lightweight, making it the most popular and compatible option. It’s also very flexible, adding no additional stress to the plow. An 18″ option is available for wet, heavy snow conditions.
    10″ Compatible Plow Models: HS, HDX™, HC, HT Series™, SD Series, HD2™, ExtremeV™, XV2, EZ-V®, XLS™, TRAILBLAZER™, XRS™
    18″ Compatible Plow Models: HDX, HC, HD2, XV2
  • Steel Deflector
    Extend the height of your blade without affecting your ability to stack snow with a genuine FISHER steel deflector. Made of powder coated mild steel, this deflector is designed to be an extension for your blade to provide improved plowing efficiency.
    Compatible Plow Models: HDX, SD Series, HD2
  • Steel SnoFoil
    A steel SnoFoil is a curved extension of your plow, allowing for the best snow rolling performance out of the four options but comes at a higher price point and is heavier than the others. It’s important to understand Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) and Gross Axle Weight Ratings (GAWR) to ensure weight limits are not exceeded and safety conditions are met.
    Compatible Plow Models: HDX, HC, HD2
  • Poly SnoFoil
    The poly SnoFoil was designed for the weight sensitive HT Series snowplow. The half-ton application had very tight weight constraints during the initial design, making it heavy-duty in nature but lightweight in design. This left little wiggle room for the additional weight of a steel SnoFoil but a lightweight and moldable substitute like poly works perfectly.
    Compatible Plow Models: HT Series

#3: Trip-Edge Impact on SnoFoils

Although it’s not necessarily a concern for a rubber deflector, the reason a SnoFoil works so well for FISHER plows is due to the unique trip-edge design. Only the base angle of the plow trips so it doesn’t slam forward and come in contact with the ground. Fixed on the front of the blade, the trip-edge can overcome obstacles and stack snow with ease—even with a SnoFoil. See the trip-edge in action!

For specific model compatibility or part number identification, visit the product details page or browse additional snowplow accessories that can improve performance.