June 6, 2014

Friday FISHER Fun: A Fleet of Pedal-Powered Snow Plows

Bob Beechy of Ontario, Canada, was fed up with the back pain resulting from shoveling snow, so he did what any normal person would do: he created a fleet of pedal-powered snowplows. An obvious solution, right? We know what you’re thinking – “Why didn’t I come up with this?”

Beechy has a YouTube channel full of demonstration videos that are worth watching if you have an extra 10 minutes to spare. We looked through them and we found this one to be the most impressive. Watch Beechy knock out his driveway in about six minutes.

You might think this is impractical, but you know what? He’s probably having more fun than anyone else on his block while shoveling his drive.
Beechy, we salute your innovative spirit, but our SKID-STEER plows will remain our go-to source for quick, maneuverable plowing.