March 16, 2017

Fisher Engineering Reveals New Walk-Behind Broom & Liquid Sprayer

Key Highlights

The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom unites sweeper and plow capabilities to quickly clean sidewalks.

New FISHER® SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayers help prevent snow and ice from bonding to pavement, making it easier to clear.

FISHER now offers a full line of walk-behind products, which includes the existing walk-behind spreaders, and the new broom and sprayer.

Along with existing spreaders, FISHER now offers contractors and property managers a full array of walk-behind snow- and ice-removal products for sidewalks

ROCKLAND, Maine (March 16, 2017) – Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow removal and ice control equipment, has introduced the new RB-400 rotary broom and SS-120 liquid sprayer, creating a full line of commercial-quality walk-behind products for snow contractors and property managers.

The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom combines the utility of a sweeper and a snowplow to clean pavement along buildings, curbs and sidewalks. The plow blade helps remove heavy snow, while the centrally driven broom brushes away the rest of the snow, leaving behind a clean walkway.

The rotary broom adapts to any job, offering adjustable rotation speed and adjustable down-pressure. Users can also direct the snow trajectory exactly where they want it to go using the pivoting broom head. Seven handlebar height settings, active-assist steering and 360-degree turning provide optimum comfort.

FISHER also now offers the new SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer for anti-icing sidewalks and other areas with foot traffic. Anti-icing with liquids before the storm helps prevent snow and ice from forming a bond with the pavement, making it easier to scrape clean.

It features a height-adjustable nozzle that sprays up to four feet wide, and includes a spray wand for taking care of stairs, entryways and other hard-to-reach places. And because it’s battery-powered, the SS-120 sprayer can go nearly anywhere it’s needed.

“Our customers take pride in every detail of their jobs, and sidewalks are no exception. We’re committed to giving them all the tools they need,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Fisher Engineering. “Now we can do that, with our full line of walk-behind products.”