December 21, 2011

Maine Snow Plower Wins FISHER® “Plow Maine” XtremeV SnowPlow


To celebrate the plowing industry in Maine, Fisher Engineering recently gave snow plow operators the opportunity to win a custom-painted “Plow Maine” FISHER® XtremeV snow plow. Walter Gogan of Levant, Maine, is the winner. Gogan is the owner of Walt’s Lawn Care, a landscaping and snow removal company that plows both residential and commercial accounts.

Upon hearing the news that he had won the plow, Gogan was ecstatic. “I could hardly believe it, at first! I love it!” Gogan exclaims. “I’ve always been a FISHER guy and I’ve really wanted a second plow, so winning this was unbelievable!”

The “Plow Maine” XtremeV is Gogan’s first V-plow. On making the switch from a straight blade to a V-plow, Gogan says, “I’ve always liked my 9-foot FISHER straight blade, but now that I have a vee, I can only see myself buying vees for now on.” As for the custom “Plow Maine” paint job, Gogan says, “It took some getting used to at first, but only because I’ve always been partial to FISHER yellow. But going down the road, man, a lot of people stop and stare at this plow!”

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