May 17, 2010

Fisher Engineering Improves Snow Plow Powder Coat

All Fisher brand snowplows feature enhanced corrosion resistance thanks to an improved STORM GUARD™ powder coating process.  The system incorporates a new epoxy primer plus a new high-gloss powder coat formula to deliver much longer lasting protection against wear and rust.

Originally introduced in 2003, STORM GUARD is a multi-step powder coating process that features:

  • An 8-wheel shot blaster that removes mill scale and profile steel surfaces for best adhesion
  • A automated multi-stage pre-wash to provide superior surface preparation
  • The new epoxy primer for added protection and powder coat adhesion
  • Robotic guns in a climate-controlled powder-coat booth deliver uniform coverage of the new high-gloss powder coat formula.

Fisher plows offers a wide range of snow and ice control equipment for the professional snowplower.  From rugged straight-blade snow plows, to hard-working V-plows and a versatile expanding-moldboard model, Fisher offers high-capacity solutions for every  plowing need.  A full-line of tailgate and hopper spreaders completes the product offering.

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