March 19, 2013

Fisher Engineering Demonstrates Lean Manufacturing Skills to Maine MEP

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Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow and ice control equipment, recently hosted visitors from the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) to demonstrate the Lean Manufacturing capabilities of the facility.

MEP, which is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the United States Department of Commerce and the state of Maine, is an organization dedicated to helping Maine’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers identify and implement advanced manufacturing and management technologies.

Manufacturing representatives from Fisher Engineering gave a tour and capabilities presentations to Maine MEP Director of Operations Larry Robinson and Business Growth Coach John Karp. At the end of their visit, Robinson remarked that the plant was, “overall one of the best manufacturing facilities in Lean implementation in Maine,” and that the facility is “a very mature Lean organization.”

“Continuous process improvement is a way of life here at Fisher Engineering. It is something that every employee takes very seriously,” says Keith Hagelin, vice president of operations at Douglas Dynamics, L.L.C., the parent company of Fisher Engineering. “We thank Mr. Robinson and Mr. Karp for touring our facility and for their kind words.”

Robinson concluded his evaluation of the facility by saying, “The plant has done an outstanding job of process improvement and is well positioned for the next round of capitalization.”

About Fisher Engineering

Fisher Engineering offers a wide range of snow and ice control equipment for the professional snow plower. From rugged straight-blade snowplows, to hard-working V-plows and a versatile expanding-moldboard model, FISHER offers high-capacity solutions for every plowing need. A full line of tailgate and hopper spreaders completes the product offering.

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