May 9, 2014

Friday FISHER Fun: A Behind-the-Scenes Look on a Plow Shoot

There is a lot that goes into producing the videos you see on our site. Earlier this year, we spent seven days shooting footage of our snowplows. We were lucky to receive about a foot of snow while shooting. This gave us the ability to capture our plows in their natural environment.

Making the plows look spotless is a challenge in itself, and we constantly wiped off snow and reflected light to get the best shots. After about 70 hours of work and many hours of captured footage, we hit the editing room. The final product is on its way and we’re eager to share it with you, but for now, enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos from a fun week of filming.

drone at fisher photo shoot      fisher snowplow shoot all trucks lined up

action shot from fisher photo shoot       cold at fisher photo shoot

preparing equipment for fisher photo shoot       getting photo shoot scene ready

fisher photoshoot photographer in action

Get ahead of the curve and learn more about the plows we filmed during our shoot.