March 17, 2017

Fisher Engineering Adds New Halogen Headlamps to Entire Plow Line

Key Highlights

The new FISHER® INTENSIFIRE™ dual-bulb halogen headlamps shine 36% brighter and 35% further than previous headlamps in high beam.

An improved dual-adhesive seal and GORE-TEX® patch-protected vent help minimize water ingression.

Updated structural design reduces shock and vibration.

New headlamps shine brighter and further, increasing visibility and safety

ROCKLAND, Maine (March 17, 2017) – Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow removal and ice control equipment, has updated its entire line of truck snowplows with new INTENSIFIRE™ dual-bulb halogen headlamps.

These new headlamps are 36% brighter and shine 35% further in high-beam mode than previous headlamps, and the new low beams concentrate light down in front of the plow for better visibility of the plowing area. They’re designed to increase visibility, both for added safety and improved plowing performance.

To help withstand the toughest weather conditions, FISHER added an improved seal and a GORE-TEX® patch-protected vent. These improvements help keep moisture out of the casing, so the headlamps can maintain high performance and durability.

“With our new headlamps, all of our plows got an upgrade in safety, performance, and even style,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Fisher Engineering. “We believe our customers should be proud of their plows and the jobs they do with them, all while staying safe out there.”

Information on the new INTENSIFIRE halogen headlamps will be available on the FISHER website in May 2017.