XRS Accessories

Bolt on Shoe Kit


Ideal for dirt or crushed stone road surfaces, a shoe kit will provide you with the ability to adjust the scraping height of the blade. Genuine FISHER® shoes are made of cast iron for maximum longevity and durability. Shoe kits include two shoes and all mounting hardware for easy installation.

* Cannot use Shoe Kit and Back Drag Edge simultaneously.

Part Number

For XRS Only
Rubber Deflector


Dress up your blade and improve functionality with a genuine FISHER® rubber deflector. Made from 2-ply heavy-duty rubber and accented with the FISHER logo, this easy-to-install Rubber Deflector Kit will provide improved visibility by deflecting snow forward instead of onto your windshield.

Part Number

For XRS Only
Logo Fisher Parts and Access


Quick couplers allow for an easy, tool-free connect and disconnect of plow hydraulic lines to standard flat-faced skid-steer hydraulic couplers. Set comes with male and female couplers.

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Male & Female

1/2" Steel Moldboard Cutting Edge Kit

The moldboard steel cutting edge kit. This does not include replacement cutting edges for the wings.

Part Number

For XRS Only
Blade Guide


Commercial Blade Guides are made from durable and highly visible fluorescent orange material and feature FISHER® branded reflective tape. Available in 24″ or 36″ lengths, these blade guides provide improved visibility and enhance your ability see the position of your blade.

Part Number

24" for All Models
36" for All Models